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Want our Recommended Microsoldering Equipment List?

Learn How Our Students Add $2000-$4000 to Their

Monthly Shop Revenues After Working With Us

Solder Profit Systems

With our solder systems, most of our students get an ROI (return on investment) within 2-4 weeks.

Support Team

5 dedicated coaches who all run profitable businesses like yours are available for group and 1 on 1 coaching.

Traffic Systems

Be taught all the best marketing strategies that we currently use to drive profitable traffic to your store.

Soldering Isn’t Dead

You’ve Just Been Taught The Wrong Way To Implement It


I’ve never soldered before. Can I do this?

Yes, vast majority of our students have never soldered before and within weeks are performing paid jobs for customers. Our program structure accounts for all skill levels.

How can I get more solder repairs?

You will learn the best strategies for driving traffic to your repairshop as well as the best methods to reviving your current customer base to bring in more of these highly profitable repairs.

I’m more of a hands on person, will online work for me?

We get a surprising amount of people who join us after taking those other ‘in person 5 day courses’. They simply don’t get the results we do. Our program is fully guided and we hold multiple trainings weekly where we work along with you demonstrating, reviewing and perfecting the skills needed.

90 days is a long time, I’m looking for a shorter program.

There are no shortcuts to mastering microsoldering. We only accept the most determined and motivated individuals.

I don’t think I can make the time commitment, what should I do?

If you can’t make the time to train, then you definitely cannot make the time to be profitable and sustainable. This is the number 1 reason 5 day courses don’t work at scale. They don’t solve the time availability issue. We on the other hand, work with you and learn your day to day to ensure you are sustainable and profitable and do not burn out.

Over 300 Students…

have become profitable using our tried and proven methods

$2000-$4000 in EXTRA Revenue