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The Best Marketing Solutions for Repair Shops

Marketing + Automation


Learn How Our Clients Get

Daily Google Reviews Using Our Automations

How does reFLOWi work?

✅ Connect Accounts

✅ Set Automations

✅ Let the Magic Work

Are You Missing Revenue

By Not Following Up?

Email Campaigns

Unlimited email campaigns can be sent automatically or case by case as needed.

SMS Marketing

1000 Free SMS can be sent monthly for workflow automations and are 2 way conversational.

Automation Workflows

You are busy, the last thing you need is more things on your todo list. Followups are automated so you don’t have to.

Genius Review

Get more reviews, more reliably while nurturing your customers for the second, third, fourth visit.

Genius Survey

10-15% of customers have issues they won’t share. This will give you transparency to know how each experience went.

Genius First Reponse

No one wants to sit and chat on your website. Take website visits direclty to sms with 1 click.

Genius AI

Chat GPT integrated AI chats will nurture and drive traffic intelligently into your store, leaving you more time for repairs.

Genius List Builder

The money is in the list. The more customer details you have in the list, the more profitable you will be. We make it easy.

Genius Display

Make in store upsells easy by showing the customer the exact offers they qualify for. 

How Many Repairs do you Lose

by Not Following Up on Incoming Calls?

Organically rank in the top spots on Google with our SEO Ranking Service.

Is Google hiding you from your potential customers?

This is my own store ranking.

In 2 weeks we moved the ranking up drastically.

And a few weeks later we moved to number one rank.

Google Ads to Expand your Current Reach

Google Ads is the Cheat Code to Getting Ahead of your Competition Immediately

Putting You at an Immediate Advantage to Get New Customers


More Leads

Drive more traffic immediately by paying to show up at the top.

More Conversions

With reFLOWi Automations, you will convert more of the Qualified Leads that come in.

More Profit

That’s all that matters. See your repair shop grow by stacking cash.


How long are the contracts?

We have monthly plans that don’t require a contract.

Does emailing and sms cost more?

Emails have no limit. We provide you with 1000 sms for free.

Can I build a website too?

Yes, you can build as many as you’d like. However, stick to one and lets optimze it for maximum traffic.

I want to get more google reviews, can this help?

Yes, we have proven automations to get you more reviews and better customer feedback so you can maximize profits.

I don’t really know what to say in an email, will this work?

Yes, we have proven templates that have been used by many to drive traffic to your store.

*Open AI API Charges apply when using Genius AI Bot

*SMS Usage Charges apply when using SMS

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